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Who is Germie?

An introduction from the founder


I founded Germie as an opportunity to give women the tools to control their health care by opening up access to key resources. When I was nearly 25 years old I was diagnosed with Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer. At that moment my life turned on its head, and I quickly became part of the furniture in hospital rooms. My illness had suddenly become a full-time job.

I sent myself into constant research mode, only to find resources very limited and confusing and struggling to find people in a similar position. I got creative in terms of how to find out more details on my Cancer, surgeries and other ailments, however kept thinking in the back of my mind that all of this had to be easier. So here is Germie, a platform for YOU to make your future easier to navigate because at some point, we will all need to take control of our health.

Below is my chemo journal, and my first attempt to provide future women in my position with laughter, tears and hopefully, a small picture of what it was like to have a life changing illness.

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