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Step 1: Hover over body part or begin typing to select your symptoms

a headache that gets worse the longer something is pressing on your head

chest pain during exercise

sweating when the temperature isn't hot around you

shaking (tremor) that's worse if you are stressed or fatigued, have had caffeine or are very hot or cold

shaking (tremors) that may be worse on one side of the body

throwing up/vomiting blood

severe sore throat

moderate, constant pressure in head while wearing headwear

coughing or wheezing during exercise

sweating without doing exercise

shaking (tremor) that's worse when you move around

chest pain while eating

difficulty swallowing acidic, very cold or hot liquids

blisters and scarring on scalp

not being able to exercise long

throbbing headache while exercising

hands and feet are red and have a throbbing or burning sensation

shaking in one or both of your hands

black or very dark poop

squeezing chest pain

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Dry socket


Yellow fever


Whooping cough




Worms in humans


Whitlow finger


Zika virus


Wolff-Parkinsons-White syndrome